PO PO – “Let’s Get Away” (Stereogum Premiere)

“Let’s Get Away” is another step in the evolution of Philadelphia’s PO PO. This summer the brotherly duo delivered their “Bummer Summer,” a one-off that mutated their fuzzed garage punk into a steamy, dingy, slithering thing with thin guitars, a simple programmed beat and a scuzzy yet summery raga to the vocals. It was hot-season dirt. “Let’s Get Away” then is “Bummer Summer”‘s soft, sanguine comedown, a more emotional bookend to “Summer”‘s angst. It’s also PO PO’s dancefloor deliverance, taking further steps into the sampled/synthesized/beat-driven realm. Check the big ’80s tom fills. The background wheezes, the beats drop in then out, the vocals ache on prettily about “best intentions” and wanting to “show you how it feels to get away from the pain that’s in your heart,” and being “the one that makes you smile.” Cathartic and romantic, slow danceable, and the at least one PO PO song for which “scuzz” is not applicable. Heart pop.

PO PO – “Let’s Get Away”

“Let’s Get Away” had some assists from Diplo on the control end, but mostly this new album is self-produced and essentially completed. It’s out next year via Mad Decent. Until then they’re on Facebook, Zeb’s on Twitter, and they’re on iTunes just like the Beatles.

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