Sly Stone Is The World’s Least Insightful Authority On Sly Stone

Notoriously reclusive funk pioneer Sly Stone is making his way back into the limelight, one interview at a time. And we really mean “one interview at a time”; Vanity Fair just scored the first Q&A with the Family man in 25 years. But Sly is sober and finally ready for a comeback: armed with a library of 200 tunes, coaxed out of seclusion with the help of his sister, Vet. The Vanity piece is a worthwhile read for its exhaustive narrative arc, but especially for quotes like this:

When I ask him if he was consciously trying to do something different with his December 1969 single “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin),” which, with its chanted unison vocals and slap bass, effectively invented 1970s funk?without it, no Parliament-Funkadelic, no Ohio Players, no Earth, Wind & Fire?he replies simply, “Well, the title was spelled phonetically. That was one thing different.”

Thank you (fore tha awsum insite Sli).