WOOM – “The Hunt” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

WOOM’s Eben Portnoy and Sara Magenheimer are also of Fertile Crescent, which came out of the band Flying, a trio I once described as “tiny voices singing fractured lullabies.” With WOOM their melodies are less fractured, more focused. “The Hunt” is a good introduction to the duo’s minimalist approach: It’s nearly all percussion and respiration, though Magenheimer’s nursery rhyme melody comes through strong. The pair get buried beneath dirt, feathers, and sticks in the video; it fits well with the song’s fascination with nature and instinct. The clip was directed by Phillip Neimeyer, who’s also made videos for Spoon, Trail Of The Dead, and the Fiery Furnaces. Watch:

WOOM – “The Hunt”

The last time I saw Portnoy and Magenheimer, they were opening for Deerhoof, and Greg Saunier joined them for a couple of songs. They’ve been friends for a while — Portnoy and Magenheimer directed Deerhoof’s “Family Of Others” video. Here’s Saunier’s take on “Quetzalcoatl’s Ship,” for the band’s upcoming remix LP.
WOOM – “Quetzalcoatl’s Ship (Greg Saunier Of Deerhoof Remix)”

Muu’s Way is out now. Muu’s Way Remixed is out via eMusic. Xiu Xiu, Talk Normal, and Japanther also contribute remixes. Order the remix album here.