Is Dr. Dre “Kush” The 1st Single From Detox?

It looks like “Kush,” the supposed leaked track from Detox, is now an official part of the release. HipHopDX quotes a Dr. Dre interview with Power 106:

It got leaked, and it was a version of it that I wasn’t really happy about. But we’re gonna go ahead and push it and put it out, since everybody seems to like it. It’s about weed smoking, and I didn’t want people to think that’s what my album was about. This is actually the only type of song with that type of content on it.

It’s been hard to tell what Detox actually is about, since the other leaked single, “Under Pressure,” won’t be on the album anymore, according to Dre. And because Detox has been in the works since 2002, there are lots of conflicting quotes about who will appear on the album, either as a guest or a producer. “Kush” definitely features Snoop Dogg and Akon. Have a listen at UPDATE: Or at (yup, it’s official).

Now that Chinese Democracy has finally been released, what’s the new Chinese Democracy? Is it Detox? The Wrens’s next release? The Avalanches’s sophomore album?