Michael Stipe Promotes Nothing On Jimmy Fallon

Well, maybe that’s not entirely true. Despite the fact that Fallon mentions Stipe (nice recession beard) is his first guest with “nothing to promote,” the R.E.M. frontman shows up with a bronze-cast camera sculpture and the two talk about tonight’s R.E.M. tribute at Carnegie Hall with Throwing Muses, Bob Mould, Patti Smith, Calexico, the Apples In Stereo, Elf Power, Jolie Holland, Vic Chesnutt, the Feelies, Marshall Crenshaw, Darius Rucker, etc. Maybe Michael Stipe will perform? (Michael Stipe will perform.) Stipe also teaches Fallon to “smile with your eyes” (ur doin it wrong) and sings an outgoing greeting for the host’s cellphone. It’s all at Hulu.

During the Q&A, they bring up Michael’s first late night appearance with Letterman back in 1983, where he ducked out of the interview because of his pathological shyness. It was more interesting than last night’s conversation. Memories:

“Radio Free Europe”

“Central Rain” & The Interview

Young David Letterman > Young Jimmy Fallon, but you knew that.