Dominant Legs, Ty Segall, oOooOO Collab For Finally Champions – San Fran Giants Victory Mix

The San Francisco Giants won the 2010 World Series. They’re a pretty ragtag team, featuring a star starting pitcher who looks like a grunge kid circa ’92 (or a member of Girls), a dominant closer named after a member of the Beach Boys who dyes his pirate beard black and inspired a “Fear The Beard” slogan, and a twitchy second baseman who looks like he spends his time in the clubhouse doing coke. All in all, a fun, colorful, lovable team, one I had an easier time rooting for than any New York City roster. (That said, my father is still bummed they beat the Phillies to get to the big game.) Keeping all of this in mind, True Panther’s put together a mix commemorating the Giants’s 2010 season. Fittingly, it’s a ragtag mix that features a variety of Bay Area bands: The Fresh & Onlys, oOooOO, Young Prisms, Dominant Legs, Ty Segall, Girls, etc. Most of the tracks are previously unreleased. The comp is $1 and the label will donate 100% of the proceeds to the SF Coalition on Homelessness in light of the recent passage of Prop L, an ordinance that “makes it a crime to sit or lie down on any sidewalk or on top of any object (blanket, lawn chair, milk crate, etc.) from 7am-11pm” and has a large effect on the city’s homeless.

You can take a listen to the Finally Champions – San Fran Giants Victory Mix here:

The asterisked tracks are those that are new to the world:

01 SF Giants – “Bye Bye Baby (Airhorn Deluxe Edition)”
02 Dominant Legs – “Finally Champions” *
03 The Fresh & Onlys – “Waterfall” (from the album Play It Strange on In The Red)
04 Ty Segall – “Who Are You” *
05 Ezee Tiger & The Soundguys – “Book It” *
06 Young L – “Pound”
07 Terry Malts – “In The Waiting Room” *
08 Melted Toys – “Preforms” *
09 Wet Illustrated (from the Born Stoked 7″ on Corvette City)
10 NODZZZ – “Genocide Bow” *
11 Sonny & The Sunsets – “Do I Remember Me” *
12 Water Borders – “Runaway 2010″ *
13 Bronze – “Parallels (Cosmic Mindslayer Version)” *
14 The Sandwitches – “San Francisco” *
15 Magic Bullets – “Everything Flows” (Teenage Fanclub cover) *
16 OoOOo – “seaww”
17 Young Prisms – “Sugar” (from the album Friends For Now on Kanine)
18 Blackbird Blackbird – “Fly” (Feat. Steffaloo)
19 Weekend – “All-American”
20 Girls – “Life In San Francisco” (from the “Lust For Life” 7″)
21 Vinnie Rat- “Giants Defiance” *


More info, links, and purchasing info at True Panther Blog. (If you’re a Rangers or Phillies or etc. fan, sorry.)