Bernard Sumner, Hot Chip, & Hot City – “Didn’t Know What Love Was” Video

When Bethany Cosentino, Kid Cudi, and Rostam Batmanglij made a video for their Converse-funded “All Summer” they opted to don over-sized versions of their own heads and move into a “warm apartment.” Despite featuring two “Hot” bands, things are icier (and pleasingly stranger) in the Andreas Nilsson-directed video for Bernhard Sumner, Hot Chip, and Hot City’s Converse-funded “Didn’t Know What Love Was” clip. It features the collaborators, quick cuts, an ostrich, a monkey, a ton of body doubles, and suggests it’s worthwhile making videos with sneaker money.

The song again:

Bernard Summer, Hot Chip and Hot City – “Didn’t Know What Love Was”

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