Martial Canterel – “You Today” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

As mentioned last time, you might recognize Martial Canterel as the project of Xeno & Oaklander’s Sean McBride. His “You Today” video was shot by Xeno bandmate Liz Wendelbo. Box Motion, who worked with Gus Van Sant on his new film Restless, handled the editing and post production. The combination of icy minimal wave and a stark industrial landscape combine to create something especially lonesome, his own private Brooklyn, or whatever. That sensibility ties in nicely with the album’s themes of yearning and the stated “exploration of the increasing difficulty in trying to connect with real people and real things as technology renders the material substance of bodies and objects ever more abstract and distant.” The specificity of Wendelbo’s description for her shoot’s worth reading before you watch the clip.

We see Martial Canterel driving around an industrial landscape on a rainy day in Brooklyn, NY. He occasionally mouths the words of the song, as if to himself as he is driving. We cut away to drive by shots of traffic, the Brooklyn Queens Expressway and industrial buildings. This driving sequence intercuts with a scene in which Martial Canterel is walking around a large industrial building: the atrium at the Brooklyn Army Terminal — brutal architecture, lots of concrete, with a huge skylight. We cut-away to architectural details, super-imposed shots of the skylight, steam, pigeons, signs. Shot on 16mm, the video is tungsten balanced and shot in daylight — the film has an overall cyan tint. This technique is used in order to maintain conceptual and visual continuity with the single and album design which uses the cyanotype printing process.

You Today:

01 “Occupy These Terms”
02 “Market”
03 “Sidestreets”
04 “The Empty Sand”
05 “Still a Part”
06 “Some Days”
07 “You Today”
08 “Secret Stores”
09 “Don’t Let Me Go”
10 “Playfair”
11 “For Us”

You Today is out 2/8 via Wierd. The “You Today” single also includes two non-album tracks, “Champion” and “We’ll See.” Expect a second single in January.