I’m feeling much less hungover now. Only took 8 hours! Phew.

Last night I hung out with my friends Marji and Dave and then headed to Marji’s friend Andy’s party at the Slipper Room. Everyone from Spin was there. Spin is good people. Sorry I always forget your names Spin people.

Anyway, I’m too wiped out to be clever. Here’s a bunch of unrelated things:

  • I don’t know what Lindsayism Casablancas is doing reading Webindia123.com, but here’s a winner she found: Homeless Courtney Love is putting up at pop critic’s place!. Also, via Krucoff Gawker: Shock me, shock me, shock me, with that deviant behavior Courtney.
  • Finally someone else besides me loves the new Streets concept album (I can’t get enough of the Brit slang). The Grizz gives the disc an A. (Link via Uncle Grambo, who can now also be read here!)
  • Speaking of hip-hop for people who don’t like hip-hop, I’m totally enthralled by the new RJD2. Like a more soulful DJ Shadow, without the creepy shit. Definitely recommended for fans of Four Tet’s last album. It’s also got a proggy rocker that sounds like the Cars meets Bitches Brew.
  • Ultra played me some episodes of The Family Guy last weekend. I had never seen it before. Very funny. Wil Wheaton revealed he is doing VO auditions for new episodes hitting FOX next summer. And speaking of Brilliant But Cancelled, is anyone else watching My So-Called Life on The N? I can’t wait for the XMas episode with homeless Juliana Hatfield.
  • Matador put up another MP3 from New Pornographer Carl Newman’s solo disc. Download A.C Newman – “Miracle Drug”.
  • Van Halen is throwing a private party at their final dress rehearsal on 6/1 and inviting two fans. Enter here and maybe you’ll end up watching Eddie and Sammy fight in person. (Link via Courtney Music First.)
  • Oldie, but goodie. Jim O’Rourke – “Halfway To A Threeway” MP3. (Link via LHB.)
  • I will soon be the proud owner of these thanks to Nick Catchdubs.
  • Stereogum site news: I chose a new hosting company and the switch should happen any day. This means I can post hi-res Lindsay Lohan pics and still have money left for Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee. I also signed up to Blogads and got my first one today (check out the lower right nav.)
  • Tom Perotta’s great new book Little Children is getting a makeover. The Farm sued, and future copies will feature two bitten chocolate chip cookies instead of Goldfizzish. Hold on to your first editions!
  • The Klingensmiths have provided hours of entertainment in the Stereogum household.
  • Madonna ‘hits’ tour will feature Scottish version of “Into The Groove”?
  • Britney Vs. The Pixies! Download Team 9 – “Me Against the Monkey” courtesy of Passenger 86. (Jere, lemme know if the traffic gets too heavy and I’ll remove the link.)
  • You can’t read a blog these days without hearing some Asobi Seksu buzz. They’re friends of friends, so I’m happy to report their new video was recently selected as a featured video on MTVU. You can get it into full rotation by requesting it here.
  • Shar Jackson speaks! She told Extra she was devastated to get a call from boyfriend Kevin Federline telling her that he had hung out with Britney Spears: “I was like ?hung out?’ What does that mean? I definitely thought it was a one-time thing, but I guess I was wrong.” If it makes you feel better Shar, Britney like totally feels bad about stealing your babydaddy! (Link via Whitney Hipclicks.)
  • I can’t believe I even have to say this, but this is not Andy Kaufman. I mean, come on people.
  • New Kings of Convenience album is so much awesome. If you liked Quiet Is The New Loud you will love it. It’s a little more upbeat. Not DJ Kicks upbeat, more like “Mrs. Robinson” upbeat.
  • Listen to the new Avril Lavigne album on MTV Nordic’s site. Av apparently did a live set at the studio and no one told me! I think our Music & Talent guy was worried I would show her my rocks.
  • 81 Brits set a world record by getting naked and riding a roller coaster.
  • GMail buzz continues. I tried to get [email protected], but it was taken.
  • New TTWS: Download Trouble With Sweeney – “Evelyn Roch” at Said The Gramophone. (Link via Catbirdseat.)
  • Erin writes the funniest livejournal hands down. Now she’s blogging for Nerve. Go vote for her (girlgonemad) in the blog-off.
  • Did I mention the awesome new RJD2 disc? Go buy it. I want to post an MP3 but I can’t figure out which track I like best. Next time.

    The weekend starts here.