Sufjan Plays Fallon

A year ago, our own Brandon Stosuy interviewed Sufjan Stevens about art, the internet, and lots of other stuff. Note this passage:

STOSUY: I’ve never seen you play any Late Night TV shows. Everyone does those now. You just not want to do them?

STEVENS: I don’t understand why bands do that. It seems really tacky to me. I get asked all the time .Those shows are just promoting insipid comedies. Who watches those shows? And whoever does-I don’t think my music would speak to those people. I don’t even want those people to hear what I’m doing. I think musicians should stay off television generally.

Guess he changed his mind.

The nervy, synthy “Too Much” was Sufjan Stevens’ solo network TV debut on Friday night’s Late Night. Jimmy Fallon pronounced Age of Adz correctly and Soof’s band wore the spacey costumes we’ve peeked at recent live shows. ‘Too much’ in the best way. Get your funk on, learn the choreography:

(Thanks Audio Perv for the vid.)

The Age of Adz marked Sufjan’s best sales week to date. Buy it from