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Årabrot – “Interim Me”

I interviewed the main members of the Haugesund, Norway noise-rock group Årabrot a few years ago in Trondheim, during the same trip I met up with old Varg pal Snorre Ruch. We spoke in some kind of bright bar/coffee shop. I remember there were something interesting things said. I have no idea what happened to the tapes, unfortunately, but their new album reminds me why I tracked them down in the first place: Revenge is a lurching mix of sweaty, industrialized Jesus Lizard and Arab On Radar-isms vomited by Kjetil Nernes, a dude with a squeaky, evil, oddball Alice Donut voice that rollicks and taunts perfectly within the junkyard he, Vidar Evensen, and occasionally Stian Skagen create. Their name comes from their city’s “garbage disposal,” a spot where “local authorities” set up a school for troubled youths. The lyrics, we’re told, are inspired by the Bibleand porn, but I’ve also spotted Blake (“The babe that weeps the rod beneath / Writes revenge in realms of death”), Coleridge, Greek Mythology, John Henry, etc. Take a listen, get amped, shake the cobwebs, etc., via “Interim Me.”
Årabrot – “Interim Me”


01 “The Most Sophisticated Form Of Revenge”
02 “Interim Me”
03 “The Wretched Child”
04 “The Dolorous Years”
05 “Murder”
06 “End Of First Chant I”
07 “The Pilgrimage”
08 “End Of First Chant II”
09 “The Primrose Path”

I just spotted an old writeup I did of the guys for Chris Weingarten’s PaperThinWalls back in the day:

Årabrot owns an old-school Alice Donut feel or Beefheart dance, but with the strangulated Chicago post-post-no wave snarl of, say, Lovely Little Girls or, better yet, Scissor Girls; all imploding with a heavier treble-charged thump.

That still stands, too.

Revenge is out via Fysisk Format.

Årabrot 2010

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