OFF! – “I Don’t Belong”

You can’t fuck with Damaged, but according to my iTunes I listen to Nervous Breakdown more than any other Black Flag. (Sorry, Henry.) When Keith Morris left Greg Ginn & Co. he went on to have a more than healthy career with the Circle Jerks, but it really never got better than that brief four-song, five-minute 1978 EP. (OK, CJ’s Group Sex is great, too.) The chiseled brevity, and four-songs-at-a-time thing, is part of the appeal of Morris’ new vintage L.A. punk band OFF!’s 16-song First Four EPs. He’s joined in the band by Burning Brides’ Dimitri Coats, Redd Kross bassist Steven Shane McDonald, and Rocket From The Crypt/Hot Snakes drummer Mario Rubalcaba. It’s no Nervous Breakdown, but it does evoke the old times, all the way down to the Raymond Pettibon cover art. You get a lot of the energy, too. Take a listen to “I Don’t Belong.”
OFF! – “I Don’t Belong”

A couple more:

OFF! – “Upside Down”
OFF! – “Panic Attack”

You can download First Four EPs now, but you’ll probably want a physical copy: It’s out for real 12/14 via Vice. Stream all 16 songs right now at Spinner.