Pitchfork Music Festival 2007: Mastodon

Not sure that anybody commanded a bigger crowd than Mastodon on Saturday. This band is huge. (Seriously, it’s more than just Pitchfork readers that love them.) In that sense, it’s amazing the Atlanta metal outfit is even playing this weekend — but then again, clearly they care about maintaining their ‘cool kid’ endorsement (see: Human Giant Marathon). Our hardcore metal days may be behind us, but Blood Mountain is the sort of record that could change that, and Saturday’s set was epic stuff. The metal was too much for the baseball field the Connector Stage sits on, moshers kicking up clouds of dust, bathing the stage in a grimy haze. Then again, was rad to see the soot settle and have the men of Mastodon with guitars cocked, riffing with shredder’s delight. All said, Mastodon fucking rocked. And they have tattoos on their fingers and foreheads.

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