New Franz Ferdinand Video – “No You Girls”

Earlier today, Nick McCarthy dropped a German rap on a Super Furry track. Now he’s making like a sniper aiming his instrument at slinky flappers. I like this guy’s life. Franz Ferdinand clearly timed the video for the disco come-ons of “No You Girls” to capitalize on its iPod-commercial ubiquity, but also maybe to usurp some of that campaign’s banal imagery: instead of a pair of hands tilting an iPod Touch just so, we get sweaty palms popping up in between strategically triangulated womens’ legs, along with other things that sound less suggestive but are a little more so. Next to the implied upper-binge of the “Ulysses” clip, Tonight is shaping up to be a party you should never bring your parents to. Probably your girlfriends, either.

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is out via Domino.