Iron & Wine – “Walking Far From Home” & “Biting Your Tail”

This new Iron & Wine single, “Walking Far From Home,” was released this past week as a limited-edition Record Store Day Black Friday single. (The song also appears on Sam Beam & Co.’s antcipated fourth full-length Kiss Each Other Clean, the first for new US label Warner Bros.) For the Black Friday 12″, “Walking”‘s backed by two “exclusive” tracks, “Summer In Savannah” and “Biting Your Tail.” You can hear “Biting” over at Some Kind Of Awesome. (Note the Sufjan-style folksy electronics.) And here’s the more sweeping “Walking From Home.”

(Via We All Want Someone)

The “Walking From Home” 12″ is available for digital download 11/30. Kiss Each Other Clean is out 1/25 via Warner Bros. The tracklist:

01 “Walking Far From Home”
02 “Me And Lazarus”
03 “Tree By The River”
04 “Monkeys Uptown”
05 “Half Moon”
06 “Rabbit Will Run”
07 “Godless Brother In Love”
08 “Big Burned Hand”
09 “Glad Man Singing”
10 “Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me”

The cover: