Michael Jackson – “Much Too Soon”

Today comes the third “new” song from Michael Jackson’s posthumous LP Michael, the marketing department wet dream/perfectly-titled-for-a-posthumous-release “Much Too Soon.” It comes on the heels of Michael cuts “Breaking News” and the Akon collabo “Hold My Hand.” According to michaeljackson.com this song was written by Jackson and produced by MJ and John McClain (no relation). Your curiosity may be piqued in learning it is a Thriller-era song, one that MJ.com claims the King always liked but never felt fit on any subsequent release. It follows that it doesn’t particularly sound like anything on Thriller, but its world-weary bittersweetness doesn’t carry that latter-day Demerol aftertaste, either. Plus, harmonica solo, if you need it further stapled to a bygone era.

Hear it at iTunes Ping (link opens iTunes app) for free for the next week. Michael is out 12/14.