Vampire Weekend Contra Photographer Subpoenaed

Over the summer we told you about Ann Kirsten Kennis, the model on the cover of Vampire Weekend’s Contra, and her case against the band and photographer Tod Brody. An interview with Kennis from the Fairfield Citizen put a lot of holes in Brody’s story. Since the band thought they were legitimately purchasing the photo from Brody, both Vampire Weekend and Kennis are interested in hearing from him directly. But, according to The Village Voice (who quote a post on on the Photo District News’s blog), no one can track Brody down:

So the court has approved a joint request from Kennis, Vampire Weekend, and the band’s record label to serve papers on Brody via e-mail and the U.S. mail. (Normally, court papers have to be served in person.) The court approved the alternate delivery on November 18. Court records show that a summons was issued to Brody on November 24. The court says it will consider Brody in receipt of the papers 10 days from that date.

That sets Brody up for a default judgment if he doesn’t respond to the claims against him by early 2011.

… so keep that in mind next time you decide to camp out at your mom’s house to avoid the long, digital arm of the courts. If they still can’t find him, and Vampire Weekend are somehow made to pay Kennis for the photo, maybe they could do a whole album of holiday-friendly, commercial-friendly tracks?