Papercuts – “Future Primitive (Ruby Suns Remix)”

When we posted the Papercuts’ “Future Primitive,” we noted that Jason Quever’s classic sounding voice was a highlight of the dreamy, psychedelic You Can Have What You Want standout. While still clearly pop, there’s a hazy weight to it. There’s more haze plus a crystallized thump and shuffle on this danceable remix by Ryan McPhun of New Zealand’s Ruby Suns. We spoke to Quever and McPhun about it.

How did Ruby Suns decide to approach the remix the way they did?
RYAN MCPHUN: I started with putting all the individual tracks in a session and checked them out and listened to how they worked in different combinations, some being muted, then others, etc. Then I basically decided that the only thing I would use would be the violin part and the vocals. I cut up the violins a bit and sequenced them into a pattern which sort of syncopated with a percussion idea I had. Then just kept going, thinking of ideas as I went. I basically wanted it to sound nothing like the original.

What do you think of the remix? How does it transform or shift the intention or the soul of the original.
JASON QUEVER: I love it. I really like what he did to my voice, the backwards thing transforms it in a way I like. Maybe part of the mood is changed; I thought of the song as very determined, almost angry. In the Ruby Suns version it seems more hopeful and empathetic to me, which is interesting.


You Can Have What You Want is out 4/14 via Gnomonsong. This remix is an exclusive and won’t be on it.