Coldplay – “Christmas Lights” Video

The two bands most transparently ambitious about (and best positioned for) being The Biggest Band In The World are duking it out in their own private transatlantic fight for Christmas #1 today: Earlier it was America’s the Killers with their holiday (RED) “Boots” and a video directed by Napoleon Dynamite/Nacho Libre director Jared Hess, now it is England’s The Coldplays with the even more on the nose “Christmas Lights.” The video is directed by Mat Whitecross and filmed in London on Thursday November 25th, 2010, a working day because British people don’t believe in Thanksgiving. Coldplay wrote the better song, made the better video (those violinist Elvises are delightful), but the Killers had the good sense to go the charitable route.

Edge on Aesthetics: Coldplay
Edge on being like The Edge: The Killers

But this is the season of giving, and in that spirit I give you Coldplay’s superior though selfish holiday song “Christmas Lights” with visions of violining Elvises dancing above their heads.

Buy it at The band will perform it for the very special return of Top Of The Pops: Christmas Edition on 12/8. You can win tickets to the taping which might be a nice thing for the Chris Martin fan in your life. has details.

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