Oh No! Oh My! Cover Huey Lewis

Won’t be ’til next year, but brace yourself for a project being billed as a joke gone, well, right: Are You Still With Me?!, a tribute to Huey Lewis. Conceived over laughs in ’04, the project’s coming to fruition in ’08, and it’s got some fun folks in tow. Yes, these indie cover comps are everywhere, some trying to take themselves more seriously than others. We had Guilt By Association where folks like Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy and Petra Haden (ironically?) covered the likes of Mariah Carey and Journey, but it’s a whole other bag with Huey Lewis. “Stuck With You“? “I Want A New Drug“? “If This Is It“? Back To The Future?! Maybe there’s a tad of guilt in confessing undiminished love for those pearls, but c’mon, Huey had the touch. And his touch was good.

As part of said tribute comes this cut, from Oh No! Oh My!, who said they came upon “Finally Found A Home” while scouring iTunes for Huey tracks, selecting the one with “the coolest hook.” And on recording, they write:

We recorded and mixed the song within 2 days in our living room at our home in Austin. There are 3 simultaneous organ solos going on during the outro, nearly every keyboard track was written and recorded in 1 take– just improvising as we went.

Here’s their take, free-wheeling and lo-fi as promised.

Oh No! Oh My! – “Finally Found A Home” (MP3)

Are You Still With Me?! won’t be out ’til sometime next year, but we’ve got a list of artists/song pairings for ya after the jump.

Antenna Shoes – “Stop Trying” — from Huey Lewis and the News (1980)
Apostle Of Hustle – “I Want A New Drug” — from Sports (1983)
Bound Stems – “Doing It All For My Baby” — from Fore!’ (1986)
Catfish Haven – The Heart Of Rock And Roll — from Sports (1983)
Derby – Jacob’s ladder — from Fore! (1986)
Erie Choir – “Some Of My Lies Are True” — from Huey Lewis And The News (1980)
The Long Winters: “Do You Believe In Love” — from Picture This (1982)
My Brightest Diamond – “Naturally” — from Fore! (1986)
Oh No! Oh My! – “Finally Found A Home” — from Sports (1983)
Panda & Angel – “Hip To Be Square” — from Fore! (1986)
Tim Seely – “Stuck With You” — from Fore! (1986)
Travels – “I Never Think About You — from Plan B (2001)
Will Johnson (Centro-matic) – “Hearts” — from Huey Lewis And The News (1980)
Windsor For The Derby – “Bad Is Bad” — from Sports (1983)
Winnebago Deal – “Working For A Living” – from Picture this (1982)
The World Provider (feat. Dustin Hinterland) – “Walking On A Thin Line” — from Sports (1983)

For nostalgia’s sake, here’s the video for “Doing It All For My Baby,” which only takes three-and-a-half minutes to get to the actual song.