Public Enemy “Bring The Noise” On Fallon

Last summer Public Enemy toured with a show Chuck D described as “cut for cut, track for track: It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.” And it was awesome. Last night they dusted off Millions’ “Bring The Noise” once more, this time joined by Black Thought, @qoolquest, and the rest of the most fabulous Roots crew. I love it. While Conan and Letterman have done a respectable job offering safe space for occasionally untelegenic indie rockers, and Leno’s had his mitts on the glossy LA pop/least common denominator scene, there hasn’t been much of a late night venue for hip hop like this. Hopefully with the Roots twittering in his ear (and even more hopefully offering to give these acts the Jay-Z Unplugged treatment), Jimmy will take the lead in showcasing quality rap. Public Enemy obviously fits that bill. Watch this, it hits pretty hard. Also worth noting: If you like this, you might wanna make your way to the second annual Roots picnic in Philly, where PE will once again perform this LP cut for cut, track for track, with the Jimmy Fallon house-band and Antibalas backing them up. Even more worth noting: last night was Flav’s 50th birthday.

(via P4K)

Right? Between this and the name drop during Rachel Maddow’s interview on Letterman, Chuck D owned late night last night. The Roots picnic goes down at Penn’s Landing in Philly on 6/6 and features TV on The Radio, the Black Keys, Santigold, and of course Public Enemy, Antibalas, and The Roots. More info on the Roots picnic at Last year’s looked like this.

PS I think Jimmy should stop doing that bowling thing. Or maybe just stop doing the monologue thing.