The Streets – “Going Through Hell” & “Too Numb”

We knew Computers And Blues, the final Streets album, was going to show up early next year. But Skinner recently announced a second album, called Cyberspace And Reds, that he’ll release sometime before then. So, C & B will still be the final Streets record. “Going Through Hell,” which he debuted on BBC Radio 1, is the first taste of Computers And Blues. “Too Numb” is from Cyberspace And Reds. He said Computers And Blues would be “dark and futuristic,” while Cyberspace And Reds would be “painfully repetitive.” I don’t really hear that in either, though “Too Numb” gets a little repetitive.

“Going Through Hell”

“Too Numb”

(Via PMA)

Computers And Blues is out 2/7. Cyberspace And Reds will be out sometime before.

[Photo by Josh Bis]

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