Magnetic Fields Offer Their “Underwear” To Puma L.I.F.T.

From his “Wheels On The Car” to his Wrigley commercial that’s impossible to find on-line, etc., the Magnetic Fields’ crooner certainly isn’t shy about writing jingles or allowing his songs to be transformed into them. See, for instance, this new ad campaign for PUMA’s L.I.F.T. sneaker. (Thanks for the tip, Scott.) Yes, sounds like a bra, but they’re actually “ultra lightweight” kicks. The use of the 69 Love Song (with Britta Phillips assisting on vocals) is just random enough, that you have to wonder if it wasn’t Merritt who pitched PUMA on it. Actually, more likely, the song’s storyline gave the company a chance to make their sneakers sexy for the non-foot fetishists in the house (of tomorrow):

You can also watch the ad and get more info at the high-tech