You Can Buy Her Umbrella (Ella Ella)

Rihanna fans: How best to celebrate your girl topping the UK Charts for a 10th consecutive week (the longest #1 streak in over a decade, mind)? Go get yourself some Rihanna-endorsed rain gear, that’s how. Oh yeah — ay ay ay. Yeah, Totes went there, to a licensing deal so obvious you didn’t think it’d actually happen. Rihanna Umbrellas. The latest in, err, wetness protection.

Thing is this crazy Totes scheme just might work! Until now, has ANY young person had brand devotion when buying umbrellas? 90% of ours were purchased during downpours in Chinatown or Times Square. Eat your heart out Farnsworth Bentley.

Next up: Smashing Pumpkins pet tarantulas. After the jump, Rihanna shakes the stress away.

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