Win Butler’s 14 Favorite Springsteen Songs

Rolling Stone asked 50 artists for different kinds of musical lists, from Yoko Ono’s favorite John Lennon songs to Cee Lo’s favorite examples of southern hip-hop. Win Butler shared his favorite Bruce Springsteen songs with the magazine. Providing short explanations for each pick, as well as this intro:

This Bruce Springsteen list is a mix of his pop and not-pop songs. But I got into his albums in random order. I heard ‘Born in the U.S.A.’ on the radio when I was a kid. But it was after I moved to Montreal that I got into Bruce. It was the energy in Born To Run. Brendan Reed, who played drums in the original lineup of Arcade Fire, had that album. I’d heard Bruce’s music before, but I had never heard that record as a record.

Here’s his list:

14 “The Rising” (2000)
13 “Badlands” (1978)
12 “Born To Run” (1975)
11 “Thunder Road” (1975)
10 “Galveston Bay” (1995)
09 “Streets of Philadelphia” (1994)
08 “Tougher Than the Rest” (1987)
07 “Dancing in the Dark” (1984)
06 “I’m on Fire” (1984)
05 “Highway Patrolman” (1982)
04 “State Trooper” (1982)
03 “Atlantic City” (1982)
02 “Nebraska” (1982)
01 “Two Hearts” (1980)

Arcade Fire and Springsteen are mutual fans — Arcade Fire covered “Born In The U.S.A.” for Obama, Springsteen covered “Keep The Car Running,” and they appeared together on the cover of Spin.

[Photo by Elena Morelli]