Colin Meloy Is Lil’ Jeb Bush

To this day, we’ve never been able to sit through more than three minutes of Lil’ Bush, which is almost as difficult to bear and far less hilarious than a W. Bush speaking engagement. But the show’s talent coordinators, they get points. The animated Comedy Central series got going by telling us Iggy Pop and Jeff Tweedy would play Lil’ Rummy and Lil’ God, respectively (click here for the Tweedy bit), and now they announce that a momentarily “un-dumbed” (the script’s word, not ours) Jeb Bush would be played by none other than “hyper-literate prog-rocker” Colin Meloy. It’s a bona fide animated indie party over there. Here’s a bit of Colin’s portrayal of the next in line from the Bush dynasty.

Not abhorrent at all. Nice work Colin. Still not watching, though.