Green Day Cover “The Simpsons Theme”

Remember that will-not-confirm-or-deny-anything 20th Century Fox intrigue over whether Green Day were in fact getting Groening’d? That lasted about two minutes? Internet’s fun like that. The internet’s also really good for radio rips, though this one’s really only a few seconds long. Green Day’s cover of the Danny Elfman penned theme to The Simpsons was released today (in pink-donut cases, if you’re near a Walmart/Circuit City/Best Buy/Barnes & Noble — and face it, you are), but you can get a little listen of the punk’d version of the track at Pretty Much Amazing, who heard it earlier this month on KROQ.

If that’s not enough for you, though, you can have the whole 1:23 jam with a buy at iTunes. Yes, this is Simpsons movie week, and yes, we are excited. But let’s not forget that this fall the show kicks off its 19th season! Longer than some of you have been alive, we reckon. And they have treats in store. After the jump, a list of some of the celeb talent making the show’s last teenage year a good ‘un.

Word is we can look forward to yellow cameos from Jack Black, Lionel Richie, Topher Grace, Placido Domingo, Maya Rudolph, and Kurt Loder. And on top of that, Simpsons writer Al Jean says the Stewart/Colbert ticket will make their way onto the show, too, albeit separately: Colbert as Homer’s life coach, and Stewart on a show in which Springfield is bumped up to host the first presidential primary. Apparently the town gets fed up with the candidates and writes in ‘Ralph Wiggum.’ Ralph in ’08? Just maybe.