The 11 Best Videos Of The Week

10 Best Videos Of The Week

The 11 Best Videos Of The Week

10 Best Videos Of The Week

The best videos this week include new ones from Dr. Dre, Neon Indian, Flying Lotus, Perfume Genius, and Banjo Or Freakout. There’s also this cutesy, precious Daylights video that’s become sort of a viral hit because of the story behind it. You might need it after watching this Yuck video:

Yuck – “Rubber” (Dir. Michael Reich) (NSFW)

We posted Yuck’s “Automatic” a few weeks back, a slow-moving bird’s eye view of the city. This is something completely different. Yuck’s “Rubber” video is sort of a girl’s languid daydream while being trained as a dog groomer. It may be the only music video to blend shots of a naked breast and mons pubis in the shower with shots of dogs getting their anal glands expressed. It’s gross, but kind of not. The actress’s heavy-lidded dreaminess during the second half of the video, combined with the track, makes everything surreal and pretty. This video is actually a couple weeks old, but it’s my favorite of this week, probably of the last few weeks.

Daylights – “I Hope This Gets To You” (Dir. Walter May)

Here’s how to make a viral music video. Combine a compelling love story with a cute video and a convincing argument for passing this along. From the description on YouTube: “After my girlfriend moved away for graduate school, I wanted to create something different to express my feelings for her. I secretly created a song and video with my friends the Daylights in hopes that it would be passed around and get to her organically. WITH YOUR HELP, we can meet this goal and it can stand as a symbol of what we can do as an digital social community. This is dedicated to anyone who is separated from people they love.” Apparently she did see this video (wouldn’t it just take one mutual friend on Facebook?), but the video is still fun and appealing on its own.

Bear Hands – “Crime Pays” (Dir. Andrei Bowden-Schwartz)

Every scene in this video looks like it came from a film or a documentary you’d love to see. Also keep your eye out for Mike Tyson.

Timmy Schumacher – “The Fire” (Dir. Marc Swadel)

Marc Swadel has done clips for Sonic Youth and the Libertines, and worked on the All Tomorrow’s Parties movie. The concept for this video is a Tupperware party-style gun party, where giggling housewives coo over different handgun models. (via Antville)

Banjo Or Freakout – “105” (Dir. Simone Pellegrini)

Like the Bear Hands video this clip has gorgeously-shot scenes of crimes being committed. But here it’s at the hands of a one babyfaced teenage delinquent. My favorite part are the boys (her classmates?) playing basketball, who give her an understanding, non-judgmental look when they leave the basketball court.

Dr. Dre – “Kush” (Dir. Joseph Kahn)

The big special effect in this video has shown up a lot lately, from The Other Guys to those TNT promos. The method (from what I’ve read) is using a motion-capture camera that moves exactly the same way each take, then using background extras that are models and dancers, people really good at holding their bodies in one position for a long time. The dollar bills, tipped glasses, etc., are added in post-production, and any wires are removed. This video shows how it’s done.

Fenech Soler – “Demons” (Dir. Casper Balsev)

Like many video directors, Casper Balsev is also a photographer, but few directors make videos where every frame looks like a photograph. That’s one of his gifts, another is making songs that you’d normally not want to listen to, kind of tolerable. I interviewed him a while back about his Presets video. There are some similarities here: both use slow motion, and mundane things like sand, powder, and fog become beautiful. But I don’t think any of his past videos have used this much color.

Honorable Mention:

Darwin Deez – “DNA” (Dir. Miles Crawford)

Perfume Genius – “Lookout, Lookout” (Dir. Patrick Sher)

Flying Lotus – “Zodiac Shit” (Dir. Adult Swim)

Neon Indian – “Mind, Drips” (Dir. Lars Larsen and Edward Leckie)

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