Kathy Griffin’s Date With Andrew WK

Not sure how we end up watching Kathy Griffin: My Life On The D-List every week. Always forget when Top Chef is on and then get stuck with Kathy and her crazy plastic face. But this week was actually sorta enjoyable: She went on a date with Andrew WK! Actually, it was more of a date inside her head, and actually, she had no idea who he was (her interns told her “a rocker”). Psyched was she to go on a date with rock star, only to turn up at his “performance” and get Andrew’s Joy Of Life seminar. She didn’t really “get it” (can’t blame her, there) and mostly had her ear chewed off by a tripping audience member. And of course, she blogged about what we missed behind the scenes:

What didn?t make the show, which was actually very sweet is that after his lecture, we went to a piano bar in the village and he played piano for me. He is a classically-trained pianist, and when he told me that, I actually said, ?Did you just say “penis”? And that?s when I realized I?m a 14-year-old boy. A 14-year-old gay boy.

Also, the guy who was sitting next to me at the Andrew W. K. lecture admitted that he was on acid. I didn?t even think they made acid anymore. So, props to him for being able to go back to 1978 and get some. I could do an entire mini-series of just talking to that guy, which would be much longer than the HBO series ?Rome.? But not as boring. He was f—ed up! And I miss him.


Andrew’s actually a good looking guy when he’s not covered in blood. But this pic fits better sitting next to Kathy’s. Either way, helluva couple. Maybe the only time we’ve been glad to screw up our TV schedule and get stuck with the D-List. Even Gervais night was a bit weird — he’s covering up his awkwardness with laughter, and she’s actually thinking she’s getting to him. Awesome.