Vampire Weekend Take “White Sky” To Late Night, “Cousins” To Mexico

Vampire Weekend were minstrels of late night TV in 2008, performing for Conan, Letterman, Kimmel, SNL … I’m surprised it took Jimmy Fallon over two whole weeks to book them. Last night the band played “White Sky,” a live staple we first heard over a year ago. Here’s how it sounded with a string section.

Vampire Weekend – “White Sky” (Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) (MP3)

Mixed messages on the dress code there.

VW also got to meet Bayside High principal Mr. Belding, who was invited to appear in a sketch after the monologue and was not just randomly hanging out backstage at Studio 6B. Though dude knows how to party. Pic via Beggars:

In other Vampire news, the band played an even newer song “Cousins” in Guadalajara last week.

Well, that looked like fun. (Thanks Juliana for the tip!)