“My Bloody Valentine Were A Joke”

Hey have you heard? Shoegaze has “become hip again”! And Guardian’s got a big ol’ feature on it, identifying Deerhunter and Asobi Seksu among others as the “nu-gazers” responsible for the resurgence — and asking “why now?”

Worthy topic, sure, but it’s the quotes that count, and in speaking with those responsible for the first-wave, they scored a doosy.

It doesn’t help that Alan McGee, the man who signed Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive to Creation, is its most vehement critic. “Bloody nonsense. My Bloody Valentine were my comedy band.

Ride were different – they were a rock band, really, a fantastic rock band – but My Bloody Valentine were a joke, my way of seeing how far I could push hype.” Although he said Shields was a genius in the Guardian in 2004, he now says, unconvincingly, that the revival is just people still buying his lies.

Alan McGee — loveless. As if we have to ask. So, we won’t. Instead we dedicate this to you, Alan McGee! Thanks for the laughs.