Modest Mouse Shed “Satellite Skin” On Letterman

Modest Mouse has been performing this song since last summer — we heard it again in Hollywood last month — though this Letterman clip is probably the best indication of how it will sound on record. Said record is an orange vinyl single b/w “Guilty Cocker Spaniels.” MM is minus a Marr these days (Johnny’s now a full time Crib), but this tune is really a showcase for Isaac anyway. A showcase for Isaac to channel Pavement’s “Here,” but still. Jokes Dave at the end, “You passed the audition.”

The “Satellite Skin” 7″ is out Record Store Day (4/18), and will soon have a proper music video directed by Kevin Willis (he produced Tool’s “Stinkfist” vid). Three other 7″s will follow, all in advance of the No One’s First And You’re Next odds and ends EP. Its tracklist:

“Autumn Beds”
“Guilty Cocker Spaniels”
“I’ve Got It All (Most)”
“King Rat”
“Satellite Skin”
“Tie the Lake Down”
“The Whale Song”

You may have also heard that Heath Ledger directed a video for “King Rat” before he died. Spin confirms that will be released this year. Terry Gilliam, who directed the actor in his final film The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus, contributed animation.