Duff Vs. Lohan Round ?

I’m hearing a lot of “Where’d that Hilary Duff photo go?” It was a placeholder on this site last week. I found it at collegehumor.com. You guys are perverts. And Stereogum is an enabler. (How’s that for a googlism?)

Click. NRSFW.

And if you liked that, maybe you’ll want Lindsay Lohan’s phone number. Call her up. Ask her what her dad and uncle were really brawling over. [Merrick hasn’t had this much buzz since “Only In My Dreams.” Not counting Amy Fizzisher obvs.]

As for Lindsay’s ongoing brawl with Hilary, thatsjustnotright.com’s got the latest:

Actress Lindsay Lohan has reignited her feud with fellow teen star Hilary Duff, after mocking their problems in a Saturday Night Live sketch. At the beginning of the month, Lohan guest-hosted the popular show, as part of promotional duties for her hit movie Mean Girls. But singer Duff, who fell out with Lohan after they dated pop heartthrob Aaron Carter at the same time, was less then impressed to see SNL regular Rachel Dratch dressed as her, singing that their feud was “so yesterday.”

She tells TV show Access Hollywood, “When I heard that Lindsay was going to be on Saturday Night Live, I knew she was going to make fun of me. I wasn’t honored. I don’t think it’s an honor to be made fun of on Saturday Night Live. “I’m not here to talk bad about her like she talks bad about me all the time. I just knew that it was gonna happen.” Lohan hits back, “We didn’t do anything derogatory towards her. I’m sorry if she felt offended her, but I thought things were cool. Hilary, I don’t wanna start anything again!”

Meanwhile, MTV has begun running Lohan/Steampipe Alley Guy promos for the Movie Awards and they’re pretty funny.


Stereogum is gonna miss the Movie Awards to go to Manchester, but I’m predicting Karen O and Shia Lebouef hit it off backstage.