Mark Ronson Re-Versions Bob Dylan

So, collectors of iconic-artists-career-works-repackaged treatment, you have not one but TWO choices as to how to spend your money this fall: Do you go with DYLAN: The 3-CD, 51-song set (regular or deluxe i.e. in cloth cases) spanning five decades, or DYLAN: the “Best Of” edition, featuring a paltry 18-song single disk? Guess it depends on how much you love yourself!

Either way, the pre-release hype party is underway over at, chock-full of trailers, stories, photos, and an advance snippet of Mark Ronson’s latest attempt to put an insanely fiery fan base in the mood to lynch. He did it with the Smiths’ “Stop Me,” and now Mark presents a “re-version” of Bob’s “Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I’ll Go Mine).” What to expect? Whaddaya think? Horns! Fat backbeat! Etc. But there’s no Daniel Merriweather-type on vox, this is pure Zimmerman. Check it at, and if you don’t like, stop to vote — seems they want opinions before they ship it out to “radio globally” on 8/1. Thanks Matt P for the heads up.