Photos From ATP Bowlie 2 Curated By Belle & Sebastian

The Belle & Sebastian-curated ATP Bowlie 2 took place earlier this week (December 10-12) at Butlins Holiday Centre, Minehead. (In 1999 B&S curated The Bowlie Weekender, which ultimately became All Tomorrow’s Parties, hence the “2”.) The event featured 40 bands picked by the Scottish pop ensemble and, according to photographer Elena Morelli, a bunch of seagulls. She also told us Alice Glass walked to the stage with the assistance of crutches (that she didn’t need), the curators invited various audience members onstage with them to dance (later giving the participants commemorative medals), that the “secret act” was Franz Ferdinand, and that (ergo) one of the festival’s highlights was Edwyn Collins’ Teenage Fanclub, Alex Kapranos, and Cribs-featuring set. Kapranos helped Collins with “Do It Again” (along with Nick McCarthy) and “A Girl Like You.” Off-stage, the Vaselines’ Frances McKee led a yoga class, Stuart Murdoch did a reading, and I guess people dodged seagull shit. Take a look at Elena’s photos and pretend you were there.