Stream The New Sonic Youth & PJ Harvey CDs

Not yet in stores…

  • Sonic Youth: Sonic Nurse – (Geffen Records)
    Whenever I hear that first riff in “I Love You Golden Blue” I think Thurston’s gonna bust into Billy Joel’s “You May Be Right.” But he doesn’t. Recommended anyway, especially if you liked Murray Street. Related: Thurston & Kim: not Pixies fans.

  • PJ Harvey: Uh Huh Her – (Island/Def Jam)
    Filter previewed this album at Urban Outfitters on Sunday. I didn’t hear it, but I did get there in time for Audrey’s DJ set. Dangermouse spun too, but I didn’t stay for that.

    Links via Celeste, who gave us the BEST engagement present yesterday: framed B&W photos of me at the mic and Eliza on the drums, taken at Rama’s Bushwick playpen a long time ago. EJ, we need a name for our imaginary band.