Who Are These Zealous Clay Fans? Can We Neuter Them Too?

The Daily News reports that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has hit a brick wall with a provocative new ad – ostensibly against dog and cat overpopulation – that features Triumph the Insult Comic Dog pooping on American Idol runnerup Clay Aiken. Yesterday PETA said it’s delaying and possibly killing the ad (which was supposed to show up on New York streets this week) after being swamped with protests from the singer’s fans – and getting an ominous call from his attorney.

Incidentally, PETA chose to target Clay Aiken because he recently told Rolling Stone, “I think cats are Satan. There’s nothing worse to me than a house cat. When I was about 16, I had a kitten and ran over it.”

This morning was disappointed because I couldn’t download In The Zone and put it on her MP3 player in time for work. Did anyone see Brit Brit playing piano on her ABC special last night? WTF? Britney, you amaze me.

If you liked the last Russian Futurists disc, you will like the new Russian Futurists disc.