The Last Word On ‘Gay Or Asian?’

First there was Gay or Asian? Then came the protests, the petition and this site targeted at the author. “We want a full-page apology, and we want Whitney McNally fired,” explained Doris Lin, spokeswoman for the Asian Media Watchdog.

Well, the brand new Details (Vin Diesel cover) contains a full-page apology, with a photo of the protest. An excerpt:

When letters started pouring in criticizing a piece in the April issue of Details entitled “Gay or Asian?,” a piece that–let’s set the record straight here–was my idea, I was ready to dig in and fight the good fight. There was only one problem: I agreed with every word in those letters.

The story in question, which is part of an ongoing “Anthropology” series devoted to challenging male cultural stereotypes, is, in fact, indefensible. Even by a trigger-happy fighter like me.

Sometimes you set out to be funny and simply blow it. There’s a line that should never be crossed in any satire, and Details stepped over that line. I’m embarrassed that it took thousands of people–including members of my own staff–to point out the hurtful and tasteless nature of the “Gay or Asian?” piece. I regret not recognizing this prior to publication. I made a mistake and I apologize, on behalf of the magazine, to anyone who was offended.

I have since met with many of the people whose letters brought this matter to my attention. Their determination and passion represent a lesson I’ll never forget.

Talk about fighting the good fight–and talk about having your ass handed to you.

-D.P. (Daniel Peres)

Good. Now that’s settled.

…But what’s THIS on Page 44? Gay or Country Singer?. Good thing for Whitney McNally … country singer stereotypes are HOTT these days.