New Neil Young Video – “Cough Up The Bucks”

Is Neil Young fucking with us? I don’t think so. This low budget video is even sillier than the last one, but when it comes to the future of the American automotive industry Neil is dead serious. Fork In The Road, the rocker’s 374th LP, is a concept album about an electric car. Neil has retooled his own ’59 Lincoln Continental to run on alternative energy, and the album is an advertisement for that. As for this video, it finds Neil wearing a suit and shades, reading the Wall Street Journal in a stretch limo. He sings the song’s title (and not much else) into a cell phone. Acting!

Fork In The Road is out 4/7 on Reprise. Tracklist:

01 “When Worlds Collide”
02 “Fuel Line”
03 “Just Singing A Song”
04 “Johnny Magic”
05 “Cough Up The Bucks”
06 “Get Behind The Wheel”
07 “Off The Road”
08 “Hit The Road”
09 “Light A Candle”
10 “Fork In The Road”

A companion documentary produced by Larry Johnson will track Neil’s green road trip to Washington, DC.

Bonus: Bettye Lavette – “Heart Of Gold” (MP3)

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