Frustrated Pumpkin Smashes Guitar

Billy and the kids are learning that life as a “new” group with old tricks ain’t always easy. Reader Kayvon hit a couple of shows from the Pumpkins’ 13-night Bay Area stint and wrote that, on Monday night, “Billy went on a whole tangent on how this was a new band and they make mistakes.” Such candor! Though the cat was way out of the bag after this display from Saturday night, of guitarist Jeff Schroeder taking some of those “mistakes” out … on his axe.

And when sound issues hand you lemons, you make … a profit! Ever the entrepreneurs, the great Pumpkins turned it into an opportunity for some sweet-ass merch. Kayvon sent a pic from SP’s Monday night gig at Fillmore, of Jeff’s mangled guit — for sale at the merch table. The cost?

$10,000 … cash only.

Maybe if it had belonged to James Iha.

Monday’s set was also being filmed — for an upcoming DVD. Maybe footage from the Day In The Life Of the Smashing Pumpkins series will show up on it. This installment finds the band rehearsing for those Fillmore gigs. Key moments? Jimmy offering choreography tips (“Both of you guys come over here … So we’re all fucking looking at each other … It’ll look cool anyway…”), Corgan in his more flattering street gear, and, toward the end of the clip, seeing what appears to be that poor guitar prior to headstock decapitation.