Dave Matthews Unveils New Song At $15,000 Concert, We Remain Unconvinced Ticket Was Worth It

Recent Starbucks signee Dave Matthews teamed up with well-traveled fret-master Tim Reynolds this past Saturday as part of the East Hampton “Social” series. As you recall, the high-cost concert events launched with Prince on July 21st and then head into decidedly less sexy territory with our man Billy Joel, James Taylor, and Tom Petty. Well, looks like even Matthews ‘n’ Reynolds aren’t as attractive as the Purple One to those funky socialites: Tickets weren’t moving swiftly enough for the July 28 gig, so the asking price of $15,000 (hey, more than a broken Smashing Pumpkins guitar!) were slashed to $3,000. Um ? better? The 80% markdown didn’t do the trick, so school employees/family members were allowed to bid on 200 tickets and courtesy of Matthews himself, members of his fan club could purchase tickets for $250.

During the intimate set, the deeply discounted duo unveiled a new track, so far untitled, but setlisted as “#27.” It’s a spare, bluesy number that flows lazily, like a Southern river. Or like somebody punchdrunk from spending more on a concert than a new car. Check vid after the jump.

For MP3, hit Blog That Jane Likes. Pretty nice seats for a bootlegger ? wonder if he paid the $15,000 or waited until the fire sale?

The rest of the set looked like this:

01 “So Damn Lucky”
02 “Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)”
03 “Crush”
04 “Stay Or Leave”
05 “Grace Is Gone”
06 “Save Me”
07 “Still Water”
08 “Don’t Drink The Water”
09 “#27″
10 “Corn Bread”
11 “Oh”
12 “Gravedigger”
13 “Loving Wings”
14 “Where Are You Going”
15 “Satellite”
16 “Lie In Our Graves”
17″ Stream” –> “Kashmir” (yup, Zeppelin!)
18 “Sister” (nope, not Sonic Youth…)
19 “The Maker”
20 “Crash Into Me”
21 “#41″
22 “Nancies”
23 “Some Devil”
24 “Ants”

After listening to “#27,” we’re feeling too mellow to figure out the cost per song.