New Real Tuesday Weld – “Last Words”

What do you do when you have dreams visited by Brit music hall singer Al Bowlly and the actress Tuesday Weld? Well if you don’t know who Tuesday Weld is, first you go to IMDB. Next, if you’re Stephen Coates, you contest your dreams’ authenticity by renaming yourself the Real Tuesday Weld, and then embark on a career in music. Quite obviously. Now it’s time for the TRTW’s sixth LP, further dabbling in what Stephen dubs “antique beat” — a mix of sweet-toothed electro-tinged jazz/cabaret musings, nodding off to ’60s French pop, armed with breathy croon and a laptop. The first single from the fake Tuesday Weld’s new record adds a late-blooming score of strings to the mix, with some digital squiggles and stutters for good measure.

The London Book Of The Dead is out 8/28 on Six Degrees.