ceo – “Illuminata” Video

This summer ceo aka Eric Berglund told Pitchfork a bit about his quest for inner stillness vis a vis his love for singing and smacking around little green balls:

i want to be able to be at peace in every situation, no matter where i am or what i do – waking up on a tuesday morning in stockholm, looking out over the andes, sitting kidnapped in a basement in berlin, enjoying champagne on a terrace in monaco. those situations could just be like different clothes or whatever superficial. i know it is possible. you just have to focus on what is really happening, in your body or outside, and not what your mind is saying about it. i can be watering all my plants and not do anything else, just looking at and listening to the water, seeing the plants for real, how they absorb the water. or when i play tennis and get so into it that you rise above the mind. that’s what i love about sports, you just play, the mind is gone for a while, you go beyond the illusions of time and space and just do. it’s like singing or…whatever really. it’s just easier doing it without practice in some situations.

So here Eric is in the Marcus Soderlund-directed video for his buoyant White Magic jammer “Illuminata,” making like a tennis-addled Robyn, playing on his own: one Berglund in white (magic) attire pitted against the black swan version of himself on the far court. Which ties into “ris(ing) above the mind,” really. It’s like David Foster Wallace always said, Infinite Jest or Federer-wise: you’re always just playing yourself, really.

White Magic is one of the year’s finer albums, is out via Modular and Sincerely Yours.

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