Crayola Maintains Indie Cred With Unicorns Tune

As long as Crayola invents new ways to color, it looks like they’ll find more indie bands to pair with their product. It started with Animal Collective’s “Sweet Road” plug of Color Explosion markers, then went to Dan Deacon and his Glow Station. Here we are a year and change later and it’s the Unicorns giving their all for Color Explosion 3-D. (Thanks for the tip, Marina.) The soundtrack: “I Was Born A Unicorn.” The question: In 2009 why does everyone — Coraline, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, etc. — love 3-D so much? Escapists.

“I am so high, mom.” More detailed:

Crayola Color Explosion lets you create swirls of surprising colors with one clear marker! Color Explosion 3-D provides a twist – images that leap from the page in cool 3-D effects! You can create eye-popping scenes and designs or make your own colorful 3-D Surprises!

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