The Making Of Rogue Wave’s Asleep At Heaven’s Gate (And Album Art)

Heaven’s Gate was one of the more interesting contemporary cults — crazy-eyed bald leader, UFO fixations, and fab outfits (black ‘n’ white Nikes, sweats, armbands emblazoned “Heaven’s Gate Away Team” when the 39 members were found dead in a San Diego mansion). Of course, Heaven’s gate is also some kind of place — the entranceway into an Afterlife and all that… Oakland quartet Rogue Wave, led by the inimitably named Zach Rogue, are releasing their third album Asleep At Heaven’s Gate in September. Judging from the darkly golden cover art (found after the jump), maybe they’re playing off both: Could be tacky bed sheets, a hood, the detail of homemade grillz, a conceptual echo of the Heaven’s Gate logo. Are we blowing your mind?

Or maybe you think we’re crazy. But the opening footage of The Making Of Asleep At Heaven’s Gate has a rather cultish feel, no? Yup, more than a dozen folks — including a cool baby — tapping out a pulsing acoustic, wind, ‘n’ toy orchestra at the direction of frizz-haired drummer Pat Spurgeon. But, really, the video’s more about the direction Rogue Wave took with the new album: That’s right, reintroducing guitar solos into indie rock.

The Interviews and song snippets are hinting at maturity, right? Though, that shouldn’t be a surprise: Last year Spurgeon received a new kidney, keyboardist Gram Lebron’s father died, Rogue had a daughter, and the band welcomed a new bassist into the fold (Patrick Abernethy, ex-Beulah); that’s a lot of life to go down. Anyway, the Rogue Wavers are heading on the road with everyone’s favorite LG spokeswoman Feist — you’ll find those dates below. But first, your Asleep At Heaven’s Gate album art.

09/09 – Burlington, VT @ Flynn Theatre
09/11 – Baltimore , MD @ Ram’s Head Live
09/12 – Upper Darby, PA @ Tower Theatre
09/13 – Pittsburgh PA @ Carnegie Music Hall
09/15 – Ann Arbor, MI @ Michigan Theatre

Make sure to wear your Nikes and sweats.

Asleep At Heaven’s Gate on 9/18 via Brushfire Records.

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