Cloud Nothings – “Should Have”

Cleveland pop snots Cloud Nothings’ anticipated self-titled Carpark debut blitzes through 11 songs in 28 minutes. So far you’ve heard the bubbling, fuzzed opener “Understand It All.” The new full-band stuff doesn’t remind me much of Lync beyond the occasional guitar sound. Instead it’s the Descendents being covered by early ’90s feedbacking twee-pop crew, Crayon — especially on “Not Important,” the track that bridges the aforementioned opener and this one, the mellower “Should Have” (which is more Crayon and Wimp Factor 14 than Descendents).

Slumberland did it successfully — maybe it’s time for a Harriet revival?

Cloud Nothings is out 1/25 via Carpark. It’s out a day earlier in the UK via Wichita.