Pat Benatar’s Passion, RIYL “Intuition”

“This summer, with a little help from Pat Benatar, JELL-O’s all about living passionately.” The iconic ’80s rocker has traded Candies for Gelatin fruit cups (and Cheyenne for her guitar-toting, soul patch-sporting partner, Neil Giraldo) on original jingle “Passion” which you can watch/download at (what, not on your bookmarks?). As far as the new line of television spots, dancing JELL-O’s pretty unappetizing (undulating pudding cups?), as is the “sit back and enjoy the wiggle” slogan. But then again, that Devo jingle is growing on us.

There’s a “Love Is A Battlefield” clip from Jon Stewart’s State-launching You Wrote It, You Watch It that we really wanna embed right now, but the Internet isn’t cooperating. We didn’t dream this sketch, did we?