Sigur Rós Do “Með Suð Í Eyrum” On The Takeaway Shows

As La Blogothèque has become more of a household name, Vincent Moon has slowly franchised his site’s efforts in various cities, enlisting local video teams to replicate his efforts and flesh out his archives. But you can generally tell when it’s Moon holding the camera by the video’s look and nearly as often, just by the stature of the clip’s performing artist. If there’s epic potential, Moon will likely helm the shoot, and Sigur Rós — who routinely transform their performance spaces, from outdoor tent to art museum — are full of it. Here the Icelandic outfit settle into a posh restaurant in Paris, performing the soaring and celebratory “Með Suð Í Eyrum” as glasses clink and the waitstaff mill about tensely. It’s good, naturally, but looks like it’ll take a little more than an otherworldly androgynous croon to impress that hostess.

Download it and learn about the shoot at La Blogothèque.

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