Separate Ways, Here We Come

One from the archives! There’s a lot going on in this shaky clip of the Smiths at London’s Brixton Academy in 1986. A fan pop onto the stage, Morrissey flails, Johnny manages to never lose a precariously dangling cigarette. More interesting — it captures the band performing their last song ever. Any idea how these charming men took a bow?

(Via Music Slut)

“Hand In Glove” ? that’s right Moz, we never did see you again, or at least not in that particular configuration. One thing regarding that stage-rushing fan: if he knew it was going to be their last performance ever, do you think he would have done something cooler than stand there for two seconds? And if, twenty years ago, the bouncer knew that a video would surface on something like YouTube, do you think he would have handled it differently (e.g., kicked the crap out of the kid)? Oh hell, what difference does it make?