Lollapalooza ’07: Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz

Traversing Grant Park is draining when it’s 140°, so Satellite Party provided an opportune time to get hydrated. But damn if it didn’t seem Ash & Pete were on our tail. (We get delusional when we’re thirsty.)

Miss Simpson’s given us a lot to blog about over the years. Mr. Wentz, too. So don’t act all surprised we wanted the couple’s take on the forthcoming Cure LP. Pete’s burly bodyguard didn’t let us play paparazzi for long, though we’ll try again tonight. We did manage a few surreptitious snaps before everyone on-site save Eddie Vedder headed to Daft Punk.

You’re dying for a caption contest on that last pic, we know. OK, best comment gets his or her choice of Infinity On High CD or budget Brazilian rhinoplasty. Go!